Registration is essential since we have to provide beforehand a list of participants to the university. Everyone whose name is not on the list will not be able to enter the campus (and thus attend pkgsrccon) on Saturday and Sunday. Also, for that reason please be sure to bring along with you some valid photo ID of yours (passport, government issued ID card).

The deadline for registration is Jun 1, 2008.

To register for the conference, send email to The email should contain:

On arriving at the conference, please pick up a name badge at the registration desk.

The following people are registered for pkgsrcCon 2008. If you have registered but aren't listed below, please send a note to

  • Christoph Badura
  • Dieter Baron
  • Jaap Boender
  • Alistair G. Crooks
  • Tobias Nygren
  • Amitai Schlair
  • Georg Schwarz
  • Lubomir Sedlacik
  • Andreas Dähn
  • Michael van Elst
  • Gavan Fantom
  • Ulrich Habel
  • Martin Schütte
  • Jörg Sonnenberger
  • Valeriy E. Ushakov
  • Krister Walfridsson
  • Adam Hamsik
  • Antti Kantee
  • Thomas Klausner
  • Bernhard Möllemann
  • S.P. Zeidler