Registration is required for attendance so that the organizers can accurately assess the size of the conference.
The deadline for registration is April 1st 2005.

To register for the conference, send email to The email should contain:

You will receive an e-mail confirming that you are registered. On arriving at the conference, please pick up a name badge at the registration desk.

The following people are registered for pkgsrcCon 2005. If you have registered but aren't listed below, please send a note to

  • Christoph Badura
  • Dieter Baron
  • Ondrej Bezucha
  • Martin Cernohorsky
  • Jaromir Dolecek
  • Gavan Fantom
  • Quentin Garnier
  • Jachym Holecek
  • Roland Illig
  • Antti Kantee
  • Thomas Klausner
  • Andrius Klevas
  • Johnny C. Lam
  • Simas Mockevicius
  • Adam Papai
  • Adrian Portelli
  • Mindaugas Rasiukevicius
  • Marc Recht
  • Alexander Riachtchenko
  • Amitai Schlair
  • Georg Schwarz
  • Lubomir Sedlacik
  • Egidijus Serplis
  • Vladimir Siman
  • Gabor Suveg
  • Pavel Trubl
  • Valeriy Ushakov
  • Krister Walfridsson