Packaging Complex Software

Amitai Schlair

The NetBSD Project

What's simple software?

Packaging simple software

What can add complexity?


Example: qmail

qmail redistribution terms

From DJB's Information for distributors:

You are permitted to distribute a precompiled var-qmail package if(1) installing the package produces exactlythe same /var/qmail hierarchy as a user would obtainby downloading, compiling, and installingqmail-1.03.tar.gz, fastforward-0.51.tar.gz, and dot-forward-0.71.tar.gz;(2) the package behaves correctly,i.e.,the same way as normal qmail+fastforward+dot-forward installationson all other systems; and(3) the package's creatorwarrants that he has made a good-faith attempt to ensure that thepackage behaves correctly.

What to do?

qmail install paths

qmail users and groups

qmail patches

qmail run scripts


Example 2: ce (Chet's Emacs)